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Job Opening: Social Media Manager

Gravyday Productions is looking for a social media and marketing guru to help increase our audience on social media, ticket sales to live shows, and traffic to our current content! This is a paid part-time job for a low-budget startup. We are looking for someone to put in just a few hours a week at first, hopefully ramping up in the future. FWIW, this could turn into a full blown VP of Marketing job if you can help us grow the brand enough!

This job involves speaking in the voice of our progressive-minded comedy production company, so an engaging, humorous, writing style is key, as well as a love of comedy and respect for all communities, especially those traditionally marginalized.

This job will also involve some graphic design and video/audio editing, so Photoshop and Premiere skills are key, and Illustrator or After Effects are gravy. You should also have a strong sense of comedy and be able to, for instance, watch an hour-long comedy show and easily pull out, edit and post 3-5 of the funniest short clips on multiple platforms.

In addition, we’re looking for a deep knowledge of online advertising platforms, such as facebook, google, twitter, etc, and how to best use them to zero in on the most receptive audience for the most efficient cost.

If you are interested please email jobs at gravyday dot com with the subject “Social Media” and let us know about your experience using social media, as well as design and editing software, including a resume or portfolio of past projects. We would also love to know what comedy shows you currently can’t stop watching, or just recently binged! Thanks!

by dave ciaccio, 08 Nov 2021, 16:32::56 PST

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