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Episodes of 'Science AF'

Dragon Man, Mars Mushrooms, Coelacanth Ages and the Common Nonsense of Vitamin C

Fake Dr Ciaccio looks into the new classification of human species known as the Dragon Man, a new age study is bad news for the prehistoric Coelacanth fish, and in common nonsense: does Vitamin C do a


DinoSociology, Robo Evolution, Extreme Chromology and Mars' Ingenuity

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about new info on the social lives of Tyrannosaurus Rexes, they might have had more friends than we thought, plus reportedly they were slow AF. Also, alarmist headlines


Food Holograms, Self-Decapitating Slugs, Smog Diamonds and Earth's Magnetic Field Flips

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into new evidence from New Zealand about the last time the Earth's magnetic poles flipped around 42,000 years ago. Also a promising new technology can etch holograms on


Space Lasers, Mini Black Holes, AI Arcade and Why "The Chicken And Egg Problem" Is Nonsense!

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into a US military test of a pizza-box sized solar panel designed to beam microwave energy back to Earth. Plus scientists built a Black Hole in a lab (kinda) to test if


Recombinant Viruses, Prehistoric Beer, Lucid Dreams and Extremophile Livin'

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into new science breakthroughs including the discovery of a newly discovered recombinant coronavirus strain that has pieces of two different strains. Plus the unearthin


Light Levitation, Cacao Plight, Great Green Wall and Seven Minutes Of Terror

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks at a new form of levitation that uses carbon nanotubes to harness light energy to float on a little puff of excited air. Also, what's causing cacao trees to produce few


The Moon And Sleep, Plastic Bees, Transparent Wood and A.I. Art

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into the newest vaccine news, how the phases of the moon affect our sleep, the bee extinction and what we can do about it, windows made of wood, and why A.I. Art is onl


Dinosaur Buttholes, Moon Radio Waves, Gynandromorphs and The Screen Time Fallacy

Host Dr Dave Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into the current Covid numbers, including the apparent end of the upward surge! Plus in BiOMG we look at Gynandromorphs, the first preserved dinosaur butthole


Space Gases, Quantum Teleportation, Ogre-Faced Spiders and Innumeracy

Dr Dave Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about the new Biden Covid plan, advances in quantum teleportation and how innumeracy is driving misguided wars against the helpers.

The Virus And The Vaccine, An Age-Reversing Drug, Space Mining and So Long Arecibo

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) takes a look at the new coronavirus vaccine, a supposed age-reversing drug, a Japanese mining mission to an asteroid, a Chinese mining mission to the moon and the sudden coll


Drug Science and Microdosing with Jerry Hernandez

Comedy writer Jerry Hernandez (@jerryismeh, The Happy Sappy Grown-Up Hour, LatinX Comedy Pachanga) joins host @daveciaccio to chat about science, including a Coronavirus update, helicopters on Mars, G


Virology, Epidemiology and the Covids with just Ciaccio

Host Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio) reports from isolation on all the science he could learn about viruses after weeks of isolation. Including pandemics from history, comparisons with other viruses, clea


Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!

Comedian Winston Carter (@winstonious, Drac and The Swamp Rats, The Winston Carter Murder Follies) joins host @daveciaccio to discuss everything that flies.... Jet Engines, Rockets, Flying Cars, Exper


Baboon Hearts, Head Transplants and Medical Science with Gary Petersen!

Stand-up Gary Petersen (@comedygaryp) joins host @daveciaccio to talk about pig hearts in baboons, lab-grown lungs in pigs, a frog that can regrow limbs and the Italian scientist who is planning to do


Social Democracy and Economics with Katie Dahlson!

Comedian Katie Dahlson (@dahlsonator) joins host @daveciaccio to talk about political activism, socialism, democracy, liberalism, conservatism, communism, and all the other isms. Why is economics so h


Asteroids, Astrophysics and Quantum Conjecturing with Jake Kroeger!

The Comedy Bureau's ( Jake Kroeger (@mfjakekroeger, @notthesupermarket) joins host @daveciaccio to talk about mining asteroids, Armageddon situations, Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), int


The Science of Comedy Part II with Mike Upchurch

Mike Upchurch (Mr. Show, The Chris Rock Show) returns to chat with @daveciaccio about types of comedy, the targets of satire, the changing tastes of society and the science of comedy writing.

A.I., Androids, Cyborgs and Robots with Mike Roe!

Journalist and comedy writer Mike Roe (@mikeroe, @LAist, KPCC) comes in to chat about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We talk about robots that can swim like jellyfish and fly like


OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!

Climate Scientist Josh Willis joins Ciaccio to talk about his work on the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project for NASA out of JPL. We talk about the climate prognosis plus active solutions to clean