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From Episode: The Moon And Sleep, Plastic Bees, Transparent Wood and A.I. Art
Show: Science AF

Ai tom ta
We Made Our Own Artificial Intelligence Art, and So Can You
Despite barely any programming experience, WIRED's Tom Simonite used open source tools and data to create art with machine learning.
Creative Tools to Generate AI Art
Wondering how to make AI art? Scroll down for the best tools to generate AI art.
Art by Artificial Intelligence
Authentically created by artificial intelligence. No human intervention.
Something Fishy: Toxic Plastic Pollution Is Traveling Up the Food Chain
Chemicals collect in microplastics, which then get eaten by fish, birds and seals — and by humans.
22 jan lost bees
A quarter of all known bee species haven't been seen since the 1990s Read more:
Giant Patagonian bumblebees used to be abundant in Chile and Argentina, but are now an uncommon sight Read more:
"We hypothesize that the patterns we observed are an innate adaptation that allowed our ancestors to take advantage of this natural source of evening light that occurred at a specific time during the lunar cycle," says Leandro Casiraghi
Covid 19 fear misinformation 2 1600
"In times of uncertainty, people often seek out information to help alleviate fear, possibly leaving them vulnerable to false information," Carola Salvi says.
012921 ts covid vaccine feat
Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot COVID-19 vaccine is effective against severe disease
The shot doesn’t work as well at preventing people from getting moderately sick
Gettyimages 1207850683 web
Novavax coronavirus vaccine found 89 per cent effective in trials Read more:
A coronavirus vaccine developed by the US firm Novavax has been shown to be 89 per cent effective in preventing covid-19 in phase III clinical trials. Read more:
Covid 19 vaccine royalty free image 1609880705.?crop=0.702xw:1.00xh;0
How Does the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Compare to Pfizer’s and Moderna’s?
It’s cheaper, easier to distribute, and relies on very different tech than its competitors.
What you can do right now to protect yourself from the new COVID-19 variants
Staying vigilant during this crucial time is key.