Episode: 33
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A.I., Androids, Cyborgs and Robots with Mike Roe!

Journalist and comedy writer Mike Roe (@mikeroe, @LAist, KPCC) comes in to chat about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We talk about robots that can swim like jellyfish and fly like pigeons, and AIs that excel at poker, tactical MMORPG video games and even visual art. Will androids be commonplace? Will AIs pass the Turing Test? Will we ever get flying cars? Listen for the definitive answers!

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‘PigeonBot’ is the first robot that can bend its wings like a real bird
New insights into flight could pave the way for more nimble aerial robots
Facebook and CMU’s ‘superhuman’ poker AI beats human pros
‘It can bluff better than any human.’

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