Episode: 43
Science AF

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Dinosaur Buttholes, Moon Radio Waves, Gynandromorphs and The Screen Time Fallacy

Host Dr Dave Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into the current Covid numbers, including the apparent end of the upward surge! Plus in BiOMG we look at Gynandromorphs, the first preserved dinosaur butthole (cloaca, to be precise) and ancient terrifying Sand Worms. Plus in Climate Countdown, we look at Mushrooms that scrub the air and eat plastic. And Eye On Science takes a look at Loneliness and Boredom. Finally, in Common Nonsense, Dave takes aim at the fallacy that "Screen Time" is bad for you.

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This fossilized butthole gives us a rare window into dinosaur sex
The cloaca is the hole-y grail to understanding prehistoric copulation.
This rare bird is male on one side and female on the other
Male rose-breasted grosbeaks have some red-pink feathers while females’ are yellow and brown
Giant worms may have burrowed into the ancient seafloor to ambush prey
Trace fossils are possible evidence of predatory behavior similar to modern bobbit worms

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