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Science AF Shorts

The OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science!

Short science news clips from the Twitch live-stream associated with Science AF the podcast (scienceafpod.com). Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about the newest science and technology breakthroughs with barely qualified explanations and occasional opinions no one asked for.

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SAFS: Common Nonsense - Vitamin C

Fake Dr Ciaccio finds out the truth about Vitamin C, and how Americans were duped into pointlessly pissing away millions of dollars of it every day.

SAFS: Geriatric Ichthyology

Fake Dr Ciaccio learns about bad news for the Coelacanth population, they're older than advertised.

SAFS: Exo-Mycology

Fake Dr Ciaccio looks into new claims of evidence for mushrooms growing on Mars.

SAFS: Dragonthropology

Fake Dr Ciaccio takes a look at the weird history leading up to the discovery of Dragon Man, the new award winner for closest cousin to human.

SAFS: Food Awakening - Edible Holograms

Fake Dr Ciaccio looks into a new technology that uses lasers to etch holographic images onto a thin layer of sugar.

SAFS: The Flip Side - New Evidence For Earth's Pole Flippage

Fake Dr Ciaccio takes a look at some new data from New Zealand on the last time that Earth's Magnetic Poles flipped positions, and what kind of chaos it would have caused for the humans and neandertha


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