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The Happy Sappy Grown-Up Hour

The Kids Show For Adults!

Host Nicky Urban takes on the hard parts about being an adult, with interviews, sketch comedy and puppets! It's Mr Rogers' Neighborhood if it was about Sex, Drugs and Music!

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Back To School!

Host Nicky Urban and friends celebrate the new school year with Sex Education, Measles: Unstoppable Menace, The Presidential Fitness Test, Nichole Suburban, Zeus The Delivery Driver, a sketch from Boo



Live From The Pack Theater In Hollywood It's The Kid's Show For Adults Only: The Happy Sappy Grown-Up Hour (a.k.a. The Nicky Urban Show)!

Host Nicky Urban and friends celebrate Freedom with Freedom



Host Nicky Urban and friends celebrate LGBTA+ Pride.


Host Nicky Urban and friends explore mistakes with 'Oops In The Night', 'Murphy's Law', Carrie The Self-Care Fairy, Zeus the Delivery Driver, an interview with Ashley Knaysi, R.N., and a visit from th



Host Nicky Urban discusses religion including Christianity, Scientology, Snake-Handling, Pastafarianism, the Jedi Religion and more!

The Nicky Urban Show plays live monthly on fourth Fridays at the



Live from the Pack Theater in Hollywood, host Nicky Urban discusses how to be an adult with an interview with a Dietitian Shely Salemnia, How To Eat On A Budget, Can You Fuck It?, Horno Del Amor, Mout


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