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Science AF Shorts
The OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science!

Short science news clips from the Twitch live-stream associated with Science AF the podcast ( Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about the newest science and technology breakthroughs with barely qualified explanations and occasional opinions no one asked for.

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Climate With Me: The Great Green Wall Of Africa

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) brings some optimistic climate news for once, looking into a renewed econo

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Eye On Science: Levitation From Light

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) takes a look at a new form of levitation using carbon nanotubes to harness

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SAFS - Space Madness: NASA's impending Seven Minutes Of Terror

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks forward to the landing of the NASA Mars Rover Perseverance and Ingen

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