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Scientifically speaking the funniest science podcast in the history of the Internet.

Every week our hosts Robert Chan and Dave Ciaccio welcome a special comedy guest to help them take a closer look at some current science and technology stories, play some trivia and make up a lot of crazy bullshit.

Let's Do Some Science!


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3: We Have Fusion!

Ciaccio and Chan explain the latest advance in hot fusion, a tiny bit of energy!  (more...)
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2: Porn and Religion

Ciaccio and Chan take a look at the relationship between porn addiction and religious beliefs. For more on this story look up Case Western Porn Study.   (more...)
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1: Martian Space Rock

Chan chides the alien theorists after it's found that the mysterious Martian jelly donut rock found by the rover Opportunity was just a rock.  (more...)

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