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16: Nuclear Physics with Dr Kevin Peter Hickerson! Ghost Black Holes, Ant Man Atoms, Free Will and Fast Radio Bursts

Nuclear Physicist Dr Kevin Peter Hickerson (@kphickerson) from Surely You're Joking Podcast joins Dave to discuss tiny atoms known as positronium, fields of energy known as ghost black holes, the theory of a cyclical universe, determinism, an infinite universe and new AI that has detected dozens of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)! Is it aliens? Of course! Isn't it always?  (more...)
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15: Medical Science with Jason Kaye and Dr Steven Kaye, MD! New Neurons, Electrical Healing, False Memories and Crygenics!

Jesse and Dave welcome comedian Jason Kaye (insta: @jasonkayecomedy, @hellkrossband) and his father Dr. Steven Kaye MD, to discuss newly discovered human brain cells, genes that correlate to bravery, how memories can be tricked and growing back limbs with electricity, as well as long tangents about metal band therapy, memory palaces and Ted Williams' frozen head! Hosted by Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio) and Jesse Klein (@jessklein1). You can find us at, email us at and follow us @scienceafpod everywhere.  (more...)
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14: Food Science with Katie Molinaro! Old Cheese, Spider Burgers, Angel-Kissed Rum and Clean Meat

Comedian and food blogger Katie Molinaro (insta: @eatitkatie) joins us on the patio lab to talk about the frontiers of food science and research while discussing the oldest cheese ever found, the weirdest foods we've eaten, laboratory-grown food and what we would order for our last meal. Hosted by Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio) and Jesse Klein (@jessklein1). Follow us @scienceafpod and visit for more links and info!  (more...)