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18: The Science of Music with Elizabeth Hayhurst! Synesthesia, AI Music, Jazz Brains, Dementia and Mathmagic Land

Dave and Jesse are joined by comedy writer, singer and musicologist Elizabeth Hayhurst (@fordprefictskid) to talk about how different musicians have different brains, the music of the cosmos, how some people can see music, how music can help those with dementia, and the mathematics of music! Science AF (@scienceafpod) is hosted by @daveciaccio and @jessklein1. Find us at, or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher!  (more...)
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17: Forensic Psychology with Stephanie Streisand! Live from The Pack Theater in Hollywood!

Dave and Jesse hit the Pack Theater ( for a mini-episode as part of the Podcast Party live show. They are joined by writer for TBS's The Detour and one-time Forensic Psychology major, Stephanie Streisand (@StephStreisand), to talk about the fallibility of eye-witness testimony and how an inadvertent hand gesture can subliminally influence memory, plus DNA evidence and how your "Microbial Cloud" can be used to determine where you've been! Science AF (@scienceafpod) is hosted by @daveciaccio and @jessklein1. Find us at!  (more...)
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16: Theo on Voting!

Theo explains why even though one vote doesn't decide a national election, it adds you in the group of people that influence the future, and puts positive pressure on establishment power! And if you want to fight hate, Vote Liberal! #VOTE #RockTheVote #Midterms #VoteBlue   (more...)